Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Our attorneys provide legal clarity to those operating within the Non-Fungible Token industry. NFTs carry data that specifies anything from a .JPEG, MP4, or .PDF of a contract on an immutable blockchain. This means NFTs cannot be tampered with. However, there are significant legal implications regarding royalties, legal status, copyright, and licensing issues that we help clients navigate daily. Representing a few of the largest play-to-earn NFT based games in the industry, our lawyers have been around since cryptopunks launched. From exchanges to individual issuers, we bring tech-based clarity to those in the industry.

A non-Fungible token is a unique identifier that can represent a wide variety of digital or physical objects, including:

  • Digital or Physical Art
  • Collectibles
  • Real Estate
  • Event Admission
  • IP Ownership/Royalties

Our attorneys represent creators and platforms that sell NFTs to navigate significant legal issues regarding:

  • Royalties
  • Copyright and trademark licensing, ownership, and infringement
  • Terms of sale
  • Downstream (secondary purchaser) rights
  • Securities laws
  • Anti-money laundering compliance

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